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What if other smokers don't want me to quit?

If you're worried about other smokers not wanting you to quit, you're not alone. Some smokers find it challenging to see people quit. Here are some tips for this tricky situation.

Have you found that some people don’t want you to quit?

Sometimes people feel threatened by quitting. Most smokers report that they would like to quit if they could. It’s not surprising then that some smokers might find it hard to watch you doing exactly what they wish for themselves. How can you talk with them about this? 

Some tips for dealing with people who don’t want you to quit:

  • You might need to have a few phrases ready: “I just can’t do it anymore, mate” or “No thanks, I don’t smoke anymore”.
  • In the first few weeks of quitting, it’s best to avoid other smokers as much as possible. 
  • Remind yourself of the reasons why you’ve quit and the health gains you’ve made. 
  • Try out other ways to still take a break and relax . What do the non-smokers do on their breaks?
  • When you’re ready to socialise with smokers again , make sure you’ve got something to keep the hands busy like a water bottle, coin or phone. 
  • Give it time. Like most things to do with quitting, it gets easier. Soon, being an ex-smoker will be normal for you and your friends.
  • Chat to Quitline. Our friendly Quitline counsellors have lots of tips for tricky situations. Call them on 13 7848 or request a Quitline callback

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