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You’re not alone: speak to your pharmacist today about quitting

Sanjay was one of hundreds of pharmacists who took part in Quit Victoria’s training on how to best to help you quit.

“If you’re thinking of quitting smoking, come and have a chat. We can talk you through all of the tools available to help you quit.”

That’s the advice of Sanjay Jhaveri, one of many pharmacist who is passionate about encouraging their patients to quit smoking.

Sanjay was one of hundreds of pharmacists who recently took part in Quit Victoria’s training. This training equipped him to provide smokers with the latest quitting advice and connect smokers to one of our expert Quitline counsellors.

Sanjay, from Bendigo’s White Hills Amcal Pharmacy, said Quit-trained pharmacists can show smokers that they’re not alone and there is plenty of support available to help them quit.

“It’s important that smokers don’t feel pressured to quit, but when they are ready, we want them to realise they have options and support,” he said.

“From chatting to your pharmacist, calling the Quitline, speaking with your doctor, or trying different stop-smoking medications or nicotine replacement products, there is plenty of help available.

“Pharmacists are a great starting point because they’re so accessible. You don’t need an appointment and we have all the products right here so you can see what’s available. You can even come back at any time for a chat if you need some more advice or added motivation.

“Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health – so if you’re thinking about it, take the first step and chat to your pharmacist.”

Need support right now?

Quit Victoria’s website is full of practical advice from health professionals, Quitline counsellors and ex-smokers. Be inspired to quit for good.

Or give the Quitline a call on 13 7848. Quitline counsellors can help you build a plan and overcome any obstacles along the way. You request a call-back totally free of charge.

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There are a range of support options available to help you quit.

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