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Concerns about COVID blip as smokers quit quitting during lockdown

There were plenty of disruptions during COVID and unfortunately quitting smoking was one of them. During last year’s lockdown, Quitline received significantly fewer calls as more people began working from home, and as Melbourne was plunged into another seven-day lockdown late last week, health groups warn Victorians may delay quitting again.

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Posted 14 May, 2021

New campaign highlights the deadly link between smoking and cardiovascular disease for the Victorian Chinese community

Quit Victoria and partners have launched a new public education campaign that highlights the immediate and deadly effects of cigarette smoke on the heart and they’re hoping the Victorian Chinese community is going to heed the message.

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Posted 4 Mar, 2021

New research highlights the immediate and deadly effects of cigarette smoke

Quit Victoria and its partners today launched a new public education campaign highlighting the immediate and deadly effects of cigarette smoke on the heart - and the link between smoking and Australia’s single biggest killer, heart disease.

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Posted 21 Feb, 2021

Study reveals alarming lack of government regulation of tobacco products in Victoria

Quit welcomes a new study from La Trobe University, which found that almost half of the retailers selling tobacco products in a regional Victorian Local Government Area were likely operating with no formal government oversight.

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Posted 3 Feb, 2021

Negative health impacts of secondhand smoke still emerging after 40 years

This month marks the 40th anniversary of a landmark study that first revealed the risks of exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS).

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Posted 29 Jan, 2021

Quit's online tools help more people to go smoke-free in 2021

Thousands of people are being supported to stop smoking with Quit’s free online Make a Plan tool, designed to help people stop smoking for good, regardless of where they are in their quitting journey.

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Posted 12 Jan, 2021

Quit helps pregnant women to stop smoking

More pregnant women and their partners will be supported to stop smoking with new Australian-first resources designed for their treating health professionals.

Posted 8 Dec, 2020

Health groups urge Crown Melbourne to become a smoke-free workplace

Leading health groups Quit, Cancer Council Victoria and the Heart Foundation have urged Crown Melbourne to permanently ban indoor smoking in the VIP ‘high roller’ gaming rooms, after casino workers expressed concerns about their health and safety due to coronavirus.

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Posted 24 Nov, 2020

Another new study shows e-cigarettes could be hindering, not helping, quitting

A new clinical trial from the US has shown that, among people motivated to quit, e-cigarette use significantly reduces the chances of quitting successfully.

Posted 9 Nov, 2020

The Seymour community now have even more support to quit

Patients of Seymour Health will get access to the best support to stop smoking thanks to the roll out of new smoking cessation training provided by Quit.

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Posted 11 Oct, 2020

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