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Aboriginal communities

Smoking in the Aboriginal community

Smoking prevalence within Aboriginal communities is still much higher than in non-Indigenous communities. Stark figures, such as a life expectancy 10 years younger than non-Indigenous people reaffirms the need for continued commitment to Aboriginal Programs to tackle smoking.

How to support your mob to become smoke free

Quitting smoking can be a team effort. If someone in your community is trying to quit smoking, there are steps you can use to guide them through the journey.

Naomi's story

When life was stressful, Naomi looked to cigarettes for support. Through ups and downs, smoking was a solid constant. Quitting helped to remind Naomi of her own strength. Find out how that confidence led to a healthier life for her and her daughter.

What is the Aboriginal Quitline?

Quitline has proven to be one of the most successful methods to support people to quit for good, and it is an increasingly popular support method for Aboriginal Victorians to cut down or quit.

Tackling Indigenous Smoking

Tackling Indigenous smoking rates is part of Quit Victoria's long-term commitment to Aboriginal programs.

Shared care: helping our community quit smoking

Quit has a range of resources that will help you prepare to talk to smokers, provide brief advice and refer them to appropriate services.