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Why tackle smoking in your client group?

Smoking is one of the major contributors to social disadvantage in Victoria.

People on low income and those who face multiple personal and social difficulties have high rates of smoking. Tobacco further places these population groups into a cycle of physical, financial and social disadvantage. Populations with higher smoking rates include

Populations with higher smoking rates include:

  • Low income
  • Indigenous
  • Mental illness sufferers
  • Substance users
  • Homeless
  • Unemployed
  • Disadvantaged young people
  • Offenders and ex-offenders            

The important role of community and social services

Community service organisations have an important role to play in reducing tobacco-related disadvantage. These services are perfectly placed to make change because they:

  • Work directly with disadvantaged populations
  • Have trusted relationships with clients
  • Are committed to improving clients' health and well being
  • Are skilled and experienced in promoting positive behaviour change
  • Are devoted to the values of social justice, equity and fairness

The important role of professionals

The role of professionals is critical. Simply encouraging people to think about their smoking and its impact can help someone take the first steps. In fact, as seen in the table below, brief advice delivered by a professional is the number one trigger that prompts smokers to make a quit attempt. 

How can your service start addressing smoking?

  • Learn how your service can take action and start providing support to clients using our AAH (Ask, Advise and Help) brief intervention model.
  • Upskill and educate your staff on how to offer smoking cessation advice by enrolling into one of Quit Victoria’s free courses. Quit Victoria delivers face-to-face and online training specifically for professionals.
  • Look at and consider implementing our Tackling Tobacco program within your organisation. The step-by-step program guides services on how to embed smoking cessation support into practice and create a smokefree organisational culture.

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The Tackling Tobacco Program

Tackling Tobacco is a framework developed by Cancer Council NSW that services can implement to create a smokefree culture and reduce smoking rates of clients, staff and community members.

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