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Coronavirus and Smoking Cessation: resources for health professionals

There is growing evidence for a link between smoking and Coronavirus (COVID-19). Stopping smoking is one of the best things a person can do for their health; COVID-19 provides a great teachable moment.

Health professionals are well-placed to provide people who smoke with the support they need to quit.  Health professionals can help people who smoke to quit by referring to Quitline and prescribing, or facilitating access to, smoking cessation pharmacotherapy.
Quit has developed online brief advice training for health professionals. It’s all about connecting people who smoke with best practice tobacco dependence treatment; Quitline and pharmacotherapy.

To learn more or complete the free training, visit and register today. 

Suggested Resources

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and smoking - information for health professionals

Evidence is building to suggest that people who smoke are at higher risk of COVID-19 infection. There is strong evidence that people who smoke are at higher risk of acute respiratory tract infections generally, including bronchitis and influenza.

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Smoking in the Aboriginal community

Smoking prevalence within Aboriginal communities is still much higher than in non-Indigenous communities. Stark figures, such as a life expectancy 10 years younger than non-Indigenous people, reaffirm the need for continued commitment to Aboriginal programs to tackle smoking.

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Resources to support multicultural communities

Cancer and chronic illness don’t discriminate, they cross cultural and language barriers – and so do we. We help smokers from all types of cultures and language groups to quit.

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