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Making a Quitline Referral via Medical Director

Using the Quitline Referral Sheet and how to send via Argus

Using the digital referral template

1. Open and log into Medical Director Clinical

2. Open the Letter Writer 

3. To use the digital template, select File > New… (from the menu), select User Defined tab, select Quitline Referral Sheet, select OK button

4. To complete the digital template, read any statements, fill in any boxes, and select items from each dropdown menu, and once completed select OK button

5. The completed Referral Sheet can be sent to Quitline via secure messaging (Argus) or printed for faxing 

a. To send via secure messaging (Argus). Select the Send Email icon  

The Send Email dialog box will appear. Click the three dots to add the Quit Victoria Argus Address. Click OK

c. The Argus dialog box will appear, Click Send. 

d. The Argus sending box should appear. 

Suggested Resources

Using the Quitline Referral Sheet for Medical Director

The Quitline Referral Sheet form is now available as a digital template and is compatible with Medical Director Clinical Letter Writer. Once imported into Medical Director Clinical, the digital referral template is automatically populated and can be sent via securing messaging with Argus, or printed for faxing.

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