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Plain packaging

Plain packaging means that tobacco products must be stripped of all brand colouring, logos and decoration and must all be in the same colour and style of packaging.

Availability of tobacco

In Australia, the law places few limits on who may sell tobacco, where and when they may sell, or the number of outlets selling tobacco.

Smokefree environments

Smokefree environments protect the public from the harms of secondhand smoke, de-normalise smoking, reduce the number of young people who start smoking and reduce the amount of tobacco people smoke. The growing recognition of the health effects of seco


The way in which tobacco products are displayed in retail stores influences smoking rates and promotes smoking as a normal everyday behaviour.

E-cigarettes in Victoria

There are different restrictions on the sale, possession and use of electronic cigarettes depending on whether or not they contain liquid nicotine. This section provides information on the laws in Victoria only; laws in other states and territories might differ.


Tax increases on tobacco products are the single most effective means available to governments to reduce tobacco consumption, increase attempts to quit and reduce smoking rates, particularly among younger people who smoke.

Advertising & promotion

Since the 1980s Australia has been a pioneer in the control of tobacco advertising and promotion and today almost all forms of tobacco advertising are prohibited.

Illicit tobacco

Illicit tobacco can be defined as ‘any tobacco on which legally required duties and taxes have not been paid’.

International tobacco control

Australia has long been recognised as a leader in tobacco control.