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Position statements

Smokefree outdoor dining & drinking areas in Victoria

Victoria is yet to implement smoking bans in all outdoor dining and drinking areas

Further tobacco retail reform: removing the last forms of advertising

Tobacco advertising in a retail environment is of particular concern given the thousands of retail outlets that sell tobacco.

Decreasing the availability of tobacco products in Victoria

Despite the devastating harm that tobacco causes the Victorian population, tobacco is sold in over 8,000 Victorian retail outlets, is more available than bread and milk and can be sold by anyone, almost anywhere.

Electronic cigarettes

Research relevant to the potential impacts of electronic cigarettes on public health is continuing to evolve including in areas such as safety of the product, cessation efficacy and trends in awareness and use. However, there is concerning increase in the number of children and young adults starting to vape. This increase in vaping threatens to undo decades of success in helping Victorians live healthy lives free from nicotine addiction.