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How Kelly beat the temptation

There's always a reason to quit, what's yours?

Hi I am Kelly and I am going to be 38 in 10 days. I been smoking since I was 14.

I only quit when I was 21 for 16 months because I was pregnant with my daughter, then I went back after arguing with my daughter's father at a BBQ. I will never forget that day when I picked up that cigarette, what a regret that was.

Then two years later my dad died from lung cancer and I still continued to smoke. Just recently I went to my doctor and he gave me a very big wake up call about me having poor circulation and abnormal EKG test results, plus having to wait for the results from my chest x-ray – that alone gave me bad anxiety. Then 3 days ago I found out that my mum has been diagnosed with emphysema and COPD - she's 60 years old, with the lungs of an 86 year old.

As of March 31st 2016 at approx 7pm I haven't smoked one cigarette. I am going through terrible withdrawal symptoms right now. I miss the enjoyment, especially driving and smoking. I know I have to do this, it's only going to get worse if I continue. The news about my mum is scary enough. I hope and pray she quits and anyone that's reading this stays smoke free including me! 

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