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Aboriginal Quitline Podcasts

Aboriginal Quitline is proud to present our podcast series, 'Quit Stories'. These podcasts are stories from Community Members who have gone through the process of quitting and come out the other side to tell their story - to inspire and empower our Mob to do the same.

Episode 1 Uncle Brian A. Smith - Our first quit story, from an Elder

Quit · Quit Stories - Ep 1 - Uncle Brian

Episode 1 is with Uncle Brian A. Smith. Uncle Brian was recently featured in the Portland Observer in an article about his community work with local Mob to assist and inspire them to cut down and quit smoking. We found Uncle's story very touching. He explains all the benefits of quitting, how things have changed with his health since he's quit, what worked for him, what didn't... and most of all the importance of not giving up on quitting!

Episode 2 Alicia. How Alicia made choices to improve her health and that of her baby's

Quit · Quit Stories - Ep 2 - Alicia

Episode 3 Gale & Scorch. A couple in a relationship who've recently quit, together!

Quit · Quit Stories - Ep 3 - Gale & Scorch

Episode 4 Michael. A strong man's story - quitting through a health scare

Quit · Quit Stories - Ep 4 - Michael

Episode 5 Tanisha. A story from a courageous young woman

Quit · Quit Stories - Ep 5 - Tanisha

Episode 6 Uncle Stewart Taylor. What made him quit, how he did it and what he's gained

Quit · Quit Stories - Ep 6 - Uncle Stewart's story

Episode 7 Natasha. A strong lady who pushes through to reach her health goals

Quit · Quit Stories - Ep 7 - Natasha

Episode 8 Launa. The importance of knowing your triggers and habits

Quit · Quit Stories - Ep 8 - Launa

Episode 9 Uncle Douglas Smith's vision for our Communities to get support and quit

Quit · Quit Stories - Ep 9 - Uncle Douglas

Suggested Resources

Quitline for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community

Quitline services across Australia have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander counsellors who are ready to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who want to quit smoking or vaping. They can also support Community who are using vapes to quit the smokes. To get Culturally sensitive support to quit anywhere across Australia, call 13 7848 and ask to speak with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander counsellor. 

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Aboriginal Quitline - FAQs

Aboriginal Quitline is a counselling and support service for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people who want to quit smoking or vaping. We also support mob who are using vapes to quit the smokes.

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Aunty Hazel's story

My name is Aunty Hazel and I’m from Dimboola Victoria. My mob is Wotjobaluk and I am an elder. I had never intended to give up smoking but on the 11th February 2021, that all changed.

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Naomi's story

When life was stressful, Naomi looked to cigarettes for support. Through ups and downs, smoking was a solid constant. Quitting helped to remind Naomi of her own strength. Find out how that confidence led to a healthier life for her and her daughter.

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