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Whether you're just starting your quitting journey or you're further along in the process, our Quitline counsellors are here to help you. They can help you stay motivated, create a quit plan that works for you, and guide and support you throughout your journey.


Call to speak with one of our friendly Quitline counsellors
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Text 'call back' to 0482 090 634 (VIC, SA, NT, WA only)
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Contact us on Facebook messenger @quitvic (VIC, SA, NT, WA only)
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Contact us on WhatsApp +61 385 832 920 (VIC, SA, NT, WA ONLY)
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Looking for a Yarn?

Aboriginal Quitline counsellors are available to provide culturally safe support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are ready to quit. With a deep understanding of the unique needs and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, our counsellors offer a safe, judgement-free space to help and encourage you.  

Contact Aboriginal Quitline

Are you a concerned about a young person vaping?

Quitline counsellors are able to support young people to quit vaping. Roughly 1/3 of teens have tried vaping, don't be left in the dark – get the facts and learn how to start the conversation with young people in your life about the harms of vaping.

Get the facts on vaping

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