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3 ways to maximise your chances of quitting for good

Prepare for the first few days, reach out for support and make a plan for risky situations: 3 key steps towards being quit for good!

1. Prepare for the first few days

On the night before quitting do a cigarette and/or vape detox. Chuck out your cigarettes or vapes and get rid of your ashtrays, vape pods or other related accessories. You might want something healthy to snack on throughout the next day so buy a dip, chop up some veggie sticks and have a bottle of water handy.

The next day the urge to smoke and/or vape may be there. Just remember: cravings don't last.

Look at each craving as a five minute window to fill. Brush your teeth, grab a glass of water, go for a walk around the block. Many people find that feelings of nicotine withdrawal are gone within two to four weeks. If they are lasting longer and they bother you, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or Quitline about it.

2. Reach out for support

There are lots of supports out there to help you quit and stay quit. You don't have to do it alone! A few key supports available are:

  1. Quitline 13 7848 - Quitline counsellors can offer you free advice and support to help you stop smoking or vaping for good. They will find quit strategies that work for you. They'll help you build and keep up your motivation, create a plan that works for you, and guide and encourage you along the way. Quitline counsellors can also support you if you are using vapes to stop smoking. See the many ways to contact Quitline:

  1. Your doctor or pharmacist - Your doctor or pharmacist can discuss ways to help you quit. They can advise if any medications are appropriate to help you stop smoking and/or vaping. See What to ask your GP

  2. Friends and family - Having the support of friends and family can make a difference. They can be a shoulder to lean on, and be there to cheer you on. This guide on helping loved ones break free from smoking or vaping can help them help you.

  3. The Quit website! - You'll find interactive tools like the Tips & Tactics and Distract Me and lots of articles, as well as stories from people who've quit.

3. Plan for risky situations

Drinks, parties, socialising – great fun, but they can be challenging while you're trying to quit. Prepare for the situations when you would usually smoke or vape.  See how to deal with friends who smoke or vape

Some people find they want to smoke more when they drink alcohol. Try not to drink alcohol for the first couple of weeks, or cut back on drinking. If you're catching up with friends who smoke or vape, take along some gum to chew. If a craving comes up, grab your phone and bust out a high score on a game. If it gets too hard you can always call a cab.

Please note,this information is for general use only.  Please consult your health professional for further advice.  

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Last updated February 2024

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