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Australia’s 2024 Vaping Regulations: What you need to know

In March 2024, the Australian Government introduced new laws for vaping products, building on the importation ban that took effect in January. More laws regarding the sale of vaping products are expected later this year, all aimed at reducing the harms caused by vaping, especially among young people.  

Here’s what you need to know about the regulations:

Importation limited to non-medical vaping products 

Importation of all non-prescription (or ‘non-medical’) vaping products is now banned (regardless of whether they are disposable/reusable or whether they contain nicotine). Medical vaping products (intended for use under guidance by a medical or nurse practitioner) can continue to be imported, provided important requirements are met.  

Personal importation ban of vapes  

Personal importation of all vapes into Australia from overseas is now banned, regardless of whether vapes contain nicotine or if a person has a prescription. Medical vapes prescribed by healthcare providers can be bought from pharmacies.  

Prescription access  

A new pathway has been set up for medical and nurse practitioners to prescribe medical vapes if considered clinically appropriate. The pathway (known as 'Special Access Scheme C') is aimed at making the process easier for practitioners when prescribing therapeutic vaping products.

Ban on advertising  

Vapes cannot be advertised in Australia- in print, online, or on social media platforms. This aims to prevent young people from being targeted by the vaping industry. 

What about vape shop sales? 

The new regulations focus on the importation rather than supply of vaping products into Australia. The Australian Government is expected to introduce further laws later this year to restrict the sale and manufacture of all non-medical vapes in Australia. This will mean that vapes can longer be sold in-store or through online retailers, only in pharmacies.  

Quitline expansion 

Further Australian Government funding will help us expand Quitline services, to meet the needs of younger people and make getting support or advice on quitting vaping (or smoking) even easier.

Quitline is here to help people of all ages to quit vaping.  

Our friendly Quitline counsellors are non-judgemental and experienced in helping people of all ages to stop vaping. 

There are many ways to get in touch with Quitline.  

  • Call 13 7848 Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm EST 

  • Text ‘call back’ to 0482 090 634 (VIC, SA, WA, NT only) 

  • Webchat at (VIC, SA, WA, NT only) 

  • Message us on Facebook Messenger @quitvic or WhatsApp: 61 385 832 920 (VIC, SA, WA, NT only) 

  • Request a callback from one of our counsellors using the online form:

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