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Keen surfer? Here's some reasons to say no to smoking and vaping

Light up the beach, not a vape

Being a surfer means you care about the ocean and everything it supports. You also care about how you perform. It's two big reasons to think again before smoking or vaping.

The fallout from tobacco products and vapes is huge. Every stage of production, consumption and disposal has a negative impact on people and planet.

We partnered with Surfing Victoria to chat with rising surfers India Robinson, Ben Considine and Bohdie Williams about why they steer clear of smoking and vaping, and what the ocean means to them.

Bohdie Williams

Like all surfers, rising Point Lonsdale surfer Bohdie Williams cares about the ocean and his performance in the surf. It turns out these are two big reasons to think again before smoking or vaping.

"Staying healthy allows me to surf more and at my best."

Bohdie Williams pro surfer

India Robinson

India is currently on the WSL Challenger Series. In 2021 she qualified for the world tour. She is one of the most well known Victorian surfers due to her status on the World Tour.

"Vaping and smoking just never really seemed like the best thing for me to do. I would rather have clean lungs to help me surf longer!"

India Robinson pro surfer

Ben Considine

Ben Considine is the current Australian Longboarding Champion (2022, 2017, 2014). Ben has a strong standing in the community and is considered one of the best Longboarders in the country. He currently lives in Torquay and grew up in Barwon Heads.

"I’ve never been interested in smoking or vaping... I’d rather be able to surf longer!"

Ben Considine pro surfer

Fast facts

E-cigarette waste and cigarette butts are turning up on our beaches and killing marine life

  • Cigarette butts account for 30–40% of all items collected in coastal and urban clean-ups

  • Cigarette butts have been found inside dead fish and birds

  • Discarded vapes and cigarette butts can leach toxic chemicals into soil and water and kill plants and wildlife.

Fossil fuels and finite resources are used in the manufacture process

  • 3.7 litres of water is used to make just one cigarette

  • Tobacco production accounts for 5% of global deforestation

  • Vapes can't be recycled. Most contain batteries that can't be removed, and are made of single-use plastic.

Vaping exposes your body to harmful chemicals, so you can't perform at your best

To perform at your best, you need your lungs to perform at theirs. Vaping makes that impossible.

  • Vapes can contain the same harmful chemicals found in paint thinner, biofuel and bug spray. They just don’t put it on the pack

  • Some of the chemicals found in e-cigarettes can cause cancer

  • Others can damage lung cells and irritate the lungs, weakening your lung's natural defences against bacteria, viruses and mould, and making it harder to breathe

  • Some chemicals can damage the heart.

Vaping can get you hooked on nicotine

Most vapes in Australia contain nicotine, even when they don't say so on the label. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known. Being addicted to nicotine means:

  • you''ll have a strong desire to vape or smoke to get a nicotine hit

  • it can be harder to focus on what you're doing

  • you can be more irritable

  • you can feel nervous, anxious or restless if you can’t vape or smoke.

It has an impact on your mental health, emotions and finances too.

Stop the tobacco industry from causing more harm

The way to stop the tobacco industry damaging people and planet by manufacturing and shipping cigarettes and e-cigarettes around the globe is to reduce the number of people using cigarettes and vapes.

If you don't already smoke or vape, don't start.

If you are smoking or vaping, there's help at hand.

Quit can help

Quit can help you stop smoking or vaping - it doesn't matter whether you feel ready to, or if you're just starting to think about it. Here's how we can help:

Free online tools and tips

Where do you begin? What are some quitting methods? What are some useful tips to know? See quick links to all the info you need to know, explore a range of tips and tactics, and build your own tailored quit plan using our free Build a plan tool.

Contact Quitline for free counselling

There are many ways to contact Quitline for free counselling and support:

  • Call 13 7848 Mon - Fri 8am to 8pm 

  • Text 'call back' to 0482 090 634 (VIC, SA, WA, NT only)

  • Webchat at (VIC, SA, WA, NT only)

  • Message us on Facebook Messenger @quitvic or WhatsApp: +61 385 832 920 (VIC, SA, WA, NT only)

  • Request a call back using the online form 

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