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Quit makes quite a difference

Every day without cigarettes is doing you good. Wherever you are on your quitting journey, we can help you break free from smoking for good.

Trying to quit smoking can feel overwhelming. We know lots of people try many times before they stop smoking for good. You may even feel like you’ve tried everything. We also know that when you're quitting smoking, slip ups can happen. We get what you’re going through, and we're here to help.

You'll have the best chance of stopping smoking for good if you:

1. Talk to Quitline (13 7848). Quitline counsellors, many of whom used to smoke, are trained experts in helping people break free from smoking. They will find quit strategies that work for you

2. Use stop smoking medication, like the nicotine patch and gum, to help manage symptoms of nicotine withdrawal

3. Speak with your GP. Your GP can discuss your options and give you a script for cheaper stop smoking medication. See What to ask your GP.

Research shows calling Quitline increases your chances of stopping smoking successfully. Quitline counsellors help you build and sustain your motivation to quit and help you build a stop smoking plan that suits you. You can call Quitline with a quick question but a typical first call takes around 10–20 minutes. The first call often covers your smoking history, your motivation to quit and how smoking fits into your life. Read more about how Quitline can help.

You can also request a Quitline counsellor call you by completing our online Request a callback form. Add your details, nominate your preferred date and time, and a Quitline counsellor will give you a callback:

Request a Quitline callback

Quitline is a culturally safe space

Every day without cigarettes is doing you good

  • Our lungs are made to breathe in clean, fresh air that powers our bodies and brains. When you inhale cigarette smoke, your lungs absorb cancer producing tar. The day you quit smoking, your lungs start to clean themselves. See the Sponge campaign hub for more.

  • Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for your health. You'll breathe easier, have more energy, smell better, and you'll save money! Read more about the immediate and long-term health benefits of stopping smoking.

Other ways we're here to help

There are many ways we can support you to stop smoking. If chatting on the phone isn't your thing, explore our other support options. These include QuitTxt and QuitMail. You can also join our Facebook community to hear from others, ask questions and share experiences.


Explore other support options

There are a range of support options available to help you quit.

Free Quit Support

Calling the Quitline increases your chance of quitting successfully.
Quitline counsellors are trained to listen carefully to you to help meet your needs.

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