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Educational activities and resources for schools

Schools have a major influence on children and young people’s learning and development. Hence, it is important that teachers and school staff are equipped with evidence-based information and resources to help students make healthy and informed decisions. Below are a range of resources aimed at equipping schools to engage with students and parents on the impacts of smoking and vaping, and to assist them in making healthy, informed choices.

  • Seeing Through the Haze classroom resource - a free, evidence-based, Australian curriculum aligned resource that aims to equip students in years 7 to 10 with the critical thinking skills to create change for a vape and smoke free future. Developed by Quit in partnership with VicHealth

  • Vaping and Young People – Lung Foundation Australia Factsheet aimed at empowering teachers to inform and protect young people from the harms of vaping

  • The Positive Choices website has a range of evidence-based drug education resources for school communities, including resources on smoking and vaping

  • Kids Co-designing Healthy Places - A resource supporting local councils and schools to engage with kids to co-design healthier places. 

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