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Professional development opportunities and resources

Evaluation strategies for place-based interventions aimed at reducing tobacco-related harm

In this two-part webinar series, Dr Liz Meggetto from Meggeto Consulting provides practical guidance to undertake quality evaluations for community initiatives focused on reducing tobacco related harm. She presents approaches to evaluation that are accessible to a range of capacities and resourcing levels. 
As part of these webinars, a suite of tools to support the evaluation and monitoring of reducing tobacco-related harm activities has been developed. This includes templates to track data and attitudes associated with smoking and vaping. These tools can be accessed here (downloads .zip folder).

Reducing Tobacco-Related Harm in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities – CultureVerse

In this webinar, Dr Som Sengmany from CultureVerse provides insights into smoking in CALD communities. He discusses behavioural insights (e.g. motivations and barriers to quitting smoking) as well as practical communication and engagement strategies to reduce tobacco related harm in CALD communities. This webinar focuses on the Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese communities as they experience disproportionately higher smoking rates in Australia.

Safely and effectively amplifying anti-smoking campaigns: Dr Sarah White and Amelia Seeber

In this video, Quit Director, Dr Sarah White, and Quit’s Marketing & Campaign Advisor, Amelia Seeber, talk about how to safely and effectively amplify anti-smoking campaigns and the benefits of doing so. They also provide insights on how Quit develops evidence-based campaign messaging and materials, and advice on considerations for local campaigns. Quit’s “Geotargeting campaign” was used as a case study in this presentation to demonstrate how this was accomplished. 
To enhance equity among low SES communities, Quit ran a “Geotargeting campaign” which aimed to evaluate the impact of providing unique exposure to targeted supportive messages within 6 LGAs. These targeted supportive messages were directed to not only the person who smokes, but also their support network (family and friends), with the aim of increasing the community’s capacity to help their loved ones to quit. The campaign webpage can be viewed at: 

The impact of vaping on public health: Dr Sarah White

In this video, Quit Director Dr Sarah White presents on the impact of vaping on public health. This includes information on what we know about the impacts of vaping on health, the net public health effect of vaping, how vaping health messages should be framed, and what public health actions need to be taken. 

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

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Last updated: August 2023

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