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After Nicole quit smoking, she realised she'd been living in chains

Nicole smoked for over two decades before quitting for good. She shares how quitting gave her the one feeling she didn't know she was missing - freedom.

Nicole didn't know adult life without smoking. When she quit - after 26 years of addiction - she realised she'd been living in chains.

"The biggest benefit of quitting has been Freedom. I’m free from worrying about whether I have the cash for cigarettes. I’m free of awkwardly searching for a ‘smoking spot’ a reasonable distance from other people. I no longer must hide from my family. I’m free from smelling like an ashtray.

My sense of smell is my second greatest pleasure. To think of all the scents I’ve missed out on. I’m 558 days quit and amazed at how strong and determined I can be. I GOT this!"


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