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Akesa got healthy

Akesa is four weeks quit, and she has nicotine replacement therapy and her children to thank for it.

I am nearly on my 4th week of prescribed stop smoking tablets, which I got after talking with my doctor. I have smoked for 9 years, and I've finally come to the conclusion, I need to quit because it startled me to hear my 3 year old say "Mummy, don't smoke, not good". It not only hurt me, but it confused me, and made me wonder 

If a child can grasp the concept that smoking is so bad, why can't we?

I cut down from 35 a day to 1 by week 2. By week 3, I have now been totally smoke free for nearly 2 days and I feel absolutely amazing. My fingers smell better.  I can still smell the soap I used last night. My clothes smell fresh, my breath feels fresher, and I'm not shaking as much.

I didn't realise how much I miss exercising. I finally feel like I can breathe & have the energy to start exercising again (after 2 children, you kind of need it). Chatting with my doctor about my nicotine replacement therapy options seriously saved my life. I will vouch for this!

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