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Ben's breath of fresh air

Ben didn't just quit once. And that's normal, not everyone quits on the first try. You learn something new every time.

I started smoking in 1992 and quit unsuccessfully in 2001.

I knew that I had to quit now because they are just so expensive, and they really are bad for your health.

So how did I quit? I was a 15 a day smoker so I decided 10 a day was better. I would only take 8 cigarettes with me to work knowing that I'd probably have a couple at night. So I continued this for 3 packs. That's 90 smokes. God, that's even a lot when I think about it now.

I remember smoking the last one on 25th June, 2015. Little bugger even burned my finger as I stubbed it out as if to say "Thanks, nice knowing you." Try not smoking for the first 24 hours.

Throw away lighters and ashtrays.

Sit in a different place in the morning, yes, you'll get the sweats, the tremors, you'll crave but keep focused and the cravings only last one or two minutes.

Repeat this "I am cleansing my body from the effects of nicotine. Cigarettes are poison." Repeat it every time you get cravings.

Drink lots of water. This will flush your system out and brush your teeth. Over the next few days lots of gross chemicals will be exiting your mouth. It's actually exciting when you feel your mouth is fresher and your skin smells better.

Take five deep breaths and say no to your cravings. The deep breaths are also your way of signalling the lungs to start repairs. This will start to happen in a couple of weeks. Take one day at a time. When the first day rolls over into the next, you are on your way! It's exciting times, especially when you find you have much more money to spend it on yourself!

Don't delay, you should quit ASAP. Your body will thank you for it.

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