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Carol's lesson on taking up non-smoking

Carol started smoking after a death in the family. Twenty years on, she shares her best quit smoking tips.

I started smoking when I was 18, when my Dad (who was a smoker) died from a heart attack (aged 65.)

I was a nurse at the time and one of the nurses offered me a cigarette saying it would 'make me feel better.' Fast forward 20-something years and after endless attempts to stop, I finally did. If you're interested, this is how:

  1. I worked out why I smoked... I liked lighting them - it was almost ceremonial.

  2. I didn't give up smoking - I took up 'non-smoking'.

  3. When I was desprate for a ciggie, I'd rub the fingers of my non-dominant hand in the grey crud in the ashtray and I'd smell my fingers.... believe me that kills the urge.

  4. With my 'cigarette money', I took up a craft that I had always wanted to do.

  5.  I'd tell myself I could have one if I waited 10 minutes. Obviously I never did, but it removed any chance of failure.

I now have no idea when exactly I stopped smoking, just that it was 20-something years ago. If you're still reading this, good luck, you'll get there. I nearly forgot that I was lighting 60 of those stinking things a day.

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