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Courtney's courage

Courtney was a pack-a-day smoker for a very long time. But after she saw her son playing with her cigarettes, it convinced her to change her life.

I had been smoking nearly every day since I was 14.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, I was able to quit cold turkey with no help because I knew it wasn't only me it was effecting anymore.

I started smoking again 3 months after my son was born but felt so guilty. I was disappointed in myself. No more than a month later I was pregnant with my second son and same thing, I had not even a puff of a cigarette for the whole duration and 2 months after giving birth to my second son, I'd started up again!

This time I felt horrible. I had trouble losing the 25 kilos that slowly came on over 2 years and I struggled with depression. My husband has never smoked a day in his life and although he hated me smoking, he never pressured me to stop because he wanted me to give up for myself, not because he wanted me to.

Another whole year passed and by now my eldest son was 2 years old, we were at a friends BBQ and he had gotten into a cigarette pack, pulling out a cigarette and put the butt end in his mouth. I ran over and took it away disgusted, humiliated and I blamed myself that he even knew what to do with a cigarette.

From that day, I did not touch another cigarette and I am now 3 years on. I am completely happy and healthy. We have a smoke free household and I am finally proud to say I am a good role model for my children.

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