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Donna decided to quit for good

Did you know that the minute you decide to quit, you don't just improve your own life but your family's too. Quitting before or during pregnancy can improve your child's health outcomes.

I started smoking since I was 14 years old and I am now 24 years old & i am very determined to stay a non-smoker (I have quit smoking for 6 days today). I feel fresh all the time since I fully quit & I am quitting now also because my husband and I want to start trying for our first child very very soon & I will be able to conceive better & have a healthy pregnancy.

It was hard at first (irritability/ mood swings) but so rewarding now!! I am excited to start my smoke-free journey & to have better health! "You can quit smoking if you set your mind to it & use your own determination & strength"

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