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Hend's nicotine addiction, gone with the wind!

Setting a quit date can be a pivotal piece in the quitting game. But don't take it from us, take it from someone who quit for good!

I picked up smoking about 4 years ago and it was so bad that I'd smoke pack a day. It was expensive on my wallet and health.

I am in my late 20's, however I started to feel horribly old because of my smoking habit! I used to run first thing in the morning and always loved how running made me feel like, but with smoking that habit got diminished and replaced by coffee and cigarettes.

I can't stress enough how dissatisfied I was with it, so I tried a couple of stop smoking aids. Nicotine patches, gums and cold turkey of course. Patches worked but they didn't help as much as prescribed tablets! I've been taking prescribed stop smoking - which I got after talking with my doctor - for two weeks now, and I am so satisfied with the results!

I did quit two days earlier than my actual quitting date. I just lost the urge to smoke, didn't feel the nicotine effect in my body and I noticed that I was just not enjoying it anymore. Smoking was a habit to me more than an addiction, so this time round I am picking up habits to replace the emotional ones of holding a cigarette and taking puffs, which is something I didn't do before. It's working though! I've been busying myself mostly, I'm so happy my dad told me about this option. He quit smoking after 30 years.

For everyone reading my posts, please consider talking with a health professional to help you quit, you deserve to live healthy, happy and enjoy every bit of it!

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