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Julie's decision

Julie isn't the only one who's proud, she's got her whole family rooting for her.

I had my first cigarette at 14, a "friend" at school persuaded me to "go on try it", so I did. My dad smoked so I thought, it must be ok, he does it & he's not ill. Well, here I am 32 years later still smoking, until 6 days ago!

Of course I’d tried to stop before. I’d had nicotine patches, prescribed stop smoking tablets, cold turkey, but all failed because I never WANTED to stop. I just knew, like every smoker does, that I had to for my health, wealth, my kids.

Well, last Saturday night my hubby & I went for a bite to eat and drinks. We came home, sat outside, listened to music, I drank some more and was chain smoking!! (Hubby doesn't drink or smoke anymore - gave up both 12 years ago.) I was lighting up, one after the other. The next morning I felt sick, could still taste the smoke in my mouth and thought, this is ridiculous, and so whilst I still had that horrid taste in my mouth I decided that I wouldn't smoke that day! I had recently bought some patches but just shoved them away in a drawer. I stuck one on & I’m now on my 6th day without a smoke.

Part of me wants to congratulate myself, the other says only 6 days (out of 32 years, that's pathetic). I was struggling today with cravings and decided to look at this site for inspiration. Wow am I inspired!

I cannot remember a situation where I haven't smoked. I can't remember what it was like not to smoke! They've ruled my life for 32 years, even 2 pregnancies didn't stop me. My daughter would sometimes cry when I smoked thinking I was going to die. It still didn't stop me! I think with the help of these stories I will quit for good this time. I'm sick of it ruling my life (my dad gave up 20 years ago when he was 50, my brother also stopped about 3 years ago, now I’m the only one, now it's my turn).

My daughter, son & hubby are proud. I don't want to feel like that weak, failure anymore. I will know what life is like without cigarettes!!!

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