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Karen's story

Watch Karen talk about what helped her through her quitting journey.

"My advice to anyone trying to stop smoking is - don't give up, keep trying to quit. You'll come across a time where it'll click into place."  - Karen

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Adapted with permission from Make Smoking History. Make Smoking History is supported by the Department of Health WA, Healthway and Cancer Council Western Australia.

Quitting attempts
Quitting methods
Reasons to quit

Confidence to Quit

Wherever you are on your quitting journey, we're here to help.

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How can Quitline help?

Quitline counsellors help you build and keep up your motivation to quit and can help you create a stop smoking plan that suits you. Quitline counsellors can also support you if you are using e-cigarettes to stop smoking and can help you stop vaping.

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Smoking and your voice box

Smoking can lead to removal of your voice box due to cancer. This can drastically impact your life. The best way to reduce your risk is to stop smoking. We're here to help.

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There are a range of support options available to help you quit.

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Calling the Quitline increases your chance of quitting successfully.
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