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I learned to control the desire

Keith had one motto for himself which pushed him to stay quit: no more addiction

I started smoking at 17, it was the worst decision I had ever made.

I had been trying to give up since age of 30, tried every NRT known to man with no luck. I even smoked while on patches and chewing gum, I was hopelessly addicted.I was so desperate to stop that I thought by eating tobacco it would make me so sick I would stop . When that didn't work there was only one choice left . COLD TURKEY!  I had never tried that option as I thought it would be too painful and stressful, however I decided I had to stop.

The coughing, never having money (always had cash for cigarettes mind you), not to mention the smokers death breath and stinky clothes. I chose a date that I would stop - my birthday. I was prepared with a pack of airwaves and will power. I prepared myself mentally that if I felt like a cigarette I would give up for 20 seconds and then another 5 seconds if I needed to and so on. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours. You get the picture.

Slowly I learned to control the desire and the need by taking myself off to a place for a minute, where I could just stop and give up second by second, minute by minute. Not long 3 to 4 months, achievement starts kicking in and you feel awesome, also noticing I have money left over every week.

It's not easy to stop smoking. Only 2 years have passed. Yes I still cough,which is expected after over 20 years but I am free of this addiction. There is absolutely no reason to smoke tobacco, there is no value at all in it. All it will do is drive you to despair and eventually kill you.

Good luck to all those trying to give up. Never stop trying! Besides being healthy, you may also find yourself richer. No luck needed.

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