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Matt's free!

Matt made a decision three years ago to quit. And since? Well he's now done a national road trip!

I haven't had a smoke for seven years now.

I used to smoke 30 a day. I decided to go cold turkey. I had had enough of smoking. I made a plan to stop at 4pm on a Friday and told myself I can do this. It's powerful those four words 

I can do this.

The first couple of days are bad, I just tried to sleep through it. The quit guide helped a lot those first couple of days. After a few months the habit side of it left me. And the coughing during my sleep stopped. My sense of smell came back. And I saved all the money up that I spent on smoking.

The first thing I bought was a new engel fridge then a camper trailer that my family went camping in. Then after a year we sold that and bought a 11 metre old school bus and over the next three years spent my smoking money fitting it out.

We saved the money a further year then headed off around Australia in the bus with my wife and three girls. When I stopped smoking it was costing me $4,250 a year now it would cost me over $8,000! That's a lot of cash Wow. You can do it too. It's only when we tell ourselves I can't stop we don't. But if you start saying I CAN DO THIS, you will. All the best.

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