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Melissa's windy journey

Melissa quit and slipped up a few times. It's normal. She then made a resolution to quit for good, and now she's enjoying a benefit, the happiness of her kids!

I have been a smoker for 18 years or so, I would stop every time I had a child (three of them) but then a few weeks later I would start up again.

I had whittled my habit down to about 3 a day for the last year or so, but couldn't get past that first morning smoke with my coffee. 

Well, I decided my New Year's Resolution for 2015 would be to finally give them up for good. Unfortunately, I have a partner who is quite a heavy smoker, he only sees the financial down-side to smoking, and as we can afford it, he sees no reason to stop. 

I want to stop so that I am around to raise our three kids. 

Oh well, I am determined to do it to show him that it can be done. Maybe if I do it, he will do it. It is really, really hard to do this with his packet of cigarettes lying around the house but I am just trying to make it a 'competition", every time I feel like one I remind myself how good I will feel. So, few days actually before 31 Jan I cut myself down to 1 a day, then from 1 January I have had none. 

Thankfully because I was a light smoker anyway, I have really not noticed any physical cravings, it's more the routine, morning coffee etc. I have been getting on the computer instead first thing in morning, I find that takes my mind of it. I feel so good, my kids have noticed that 

"you don't smell anymore Mummy"...what better reason can you get!!!

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