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Michelle's not giving up

Michelle is six days quit, and she may be scared but she's pushing through it.

It has been 6 days since I had my last cigarette.

I have stopped because I have shortness of breath. The doctor put this down to anxiety 12 months ago but even if this is the cause the anxiety is still a result of smoking. Smoking has truly controlled my life up until now but this week it stops.

I would leave work early to smoke, rush home from a family visit to smoke, send my boyfriend home so I could have a smoke. I would try my best to hide this habit that I was so addicted to and so ashamed of but the truth is I have had enough.

I have to say though I am scared, scared that I feel even more anxious. I feel down and even cancelled my holiday because I thought I would have a panic attack in a foreign country. Reading other people’s real life stories is helping me though and writing this story feels good. I love to read about people regaining their health and being able to exercise and enjoy life. I look forward to this. I have walked for 45 minutes every day pushing though the shortness of breath. I have also checked the quit timelines taking comfort in the fact that my body is supposed to be healing, even though it does not feel great at the moment. I look forward to a smoke-free life and feeling healthy and in control. I hope that the anxiety will subside the way that the cravings do and there will be no greater reward than good health.

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