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Maree's magnificent achievement!

Maree quit after 40 years, if she can do it, so can you!

I first started experimenting with cigarettes back in the early 70's (when I was 11 years old), the days when smoking was advertised on TV, magazines, billboards at the MCG.

By the age of 14 l was a smoker. If you were out socialising somebody offered you a cigarette and you said "no thanks" you were classed as anti-social and looked down at. It was a courtesy to except a cigarette offered to you.

Cut a long story short, 6 months ago being a smoker for 40 years. I decided to go cold turkey after trying patches and gums etc, with no luck.

l decided to go cold turkey, I fully recommend it to everyone. It is the most challenging but also the most successful way to go giving up smoking. Anything else is just replacing cigarette smoking with another habit. I find XXX Mints sold at WoolWorths help me when l get an urge to smoke, or drink water, also brushing my teeth.

Also l have started adult colouring books, l find that helps. I did find l had a sore chest giving up smoking. I did some deep breathing, as my lungs are used to inhaling nicotine. It helped heaps also it relaxed me. It's easier to give up these days because a lot less people smoke than in my day.

I will never ever go back to smoking again. Other advice l would give is to tell people around you that smoke, that you are giving up smoking and if they could refrain from smoking around you while you're in your early stages. I had great support that understood and praised me. A few friends even gave up with me.

Also the My Quit Buddy app was really good and checks up on you daily. There is a community chatroom on the app, so you can talk to others about your journey giving up smoking. And share ideas, don't worry if you trip up, just go back the next day start over again.

The more you give up smoking the better, you get at it! I hope this helps, good luck everyone! 

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