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No longer feeling guilty

With help from the Aboriginal Quitline, Bec successfully quit smoking.

Twelve months ago, Bec was hiding her smoking from her six-year old daughter Charlotte. 

Today, the proud Wonnarua woman and soon to be registered nurse no longer feels a secret guilt after she successfully quit smoking with the help of the Aboriginal Quitline.

“I didn’t really know what to expect, but getting started was really easy and informal,” she said in describing her experience.

“I was going through a stressful period and I just really needed someone to listen, and a friendly counsellor from the Aboriginal Quitline was there for me and provided me with the motivation I needed. She was really friendly and understanding.

She gave me lots of tips and ideas about how to manage my triggers. For example, she suggested I could try knitting to occupy my hands. The knitting didn’t work for me but learning different breathing techniques did.”

Aboriginal Quitline rang Bec once a week over a period of seven weeks.

“It was great she would check in with where I was at that week, we would talk about any stresses. It was good to have that support but more importantly it was really nice to get that praise along the way."

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