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Rachel used the kitchen sink

Rachel has been quit for eight years! How? She threw the entire kitchen sink to do it

I'd been smoking since I was 15

All the cool people in my family smoked, my friends smoked and when I became a psych nurse back in the 80's, it became a way of connecting with people, staff and patients. It was also way cheaper back then, so I'd have a pack / pack and a half for years.

I never liked the experience of being addicted to something. All my quit attempts had been cold turkey, even when NRT was becoming available, as if it was some badge of honour to do it through sheer willpower. So I stayed off for a couple of years, back on for a few, off for a few more, each time starting because 'just one won't hurt...' and each time, stopping became harder.

So this last time I've been off for 8 years. The difference? I threw EVERYTHING at it that I needed to! inhalers, gum, patches. I would've taken medication if I needed to. NRT WORKS! I worded up my smoking friends - that if I asked for a drag or to bot a smoke, could they please say "just wait for 5 minutes". Surprising, the ones who couldn't do that, were the ones I spent less time with when I was feeling a bit wobbly. - I realised - FINALLY - that there's no 'one won't hurt' for me.

8 years on and I still occasionally dream of smoking. It took a lot of effort and practice to again call my self a non-smoker, but I did it. So can you. For me, the kitchen sink included NRT, the people around me and a bit of soul searching. Do whatever it takes for you. It's worth it.

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