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Rebecca revels in her win!

Rebecca was young when she found she could lose all her teeth from smoking. So she made some tough choices, and she feels better for it!

I'm 23 and for the last 5 years of my life I lived to smoke.

I enjoyed it so much I made sure I always had packs and cartons... A lot of smoking revolved around my life.

I went to the dentist and they told me I had severe gingivitis from smoking and nicotine stains starting to set in. They told me if I didn't stop smoking I would eventually lose my teeth to smoking. I was 23, how could that happen? I was overall healthy and to hear that! Total shock!

I kinda blew it off but I remember one day I was at Walgreens buying my weekly carton and the guy checking me out was my age, nice looking and I felt embarrassed! I was buying a carton of cigarettes and felt stupid and depending on the week I could be back for a second carton ... That's when I knew it was time. I never felt stupid for smoking before that, but I did then and it wasn't a good feeling. I made a vow this last carton would be my last. And it was!

I had the most terrible first quit week I was moving, everyone was stressed and nothing went right. I even had a rude friend continue to smoke right in front of me in the car no less! It was her car or else I would of dumped her on the road. But I kept telling myself you do this ONCE you won't have to feel this way again. That was a year ago and I've been completely smoke free since. I've even given others courage to quit smoking because they knew how much it was involved in my life and I could do it!

I love my life smoke-free I don't have to stand out in the cold, have smokers breath, have smokey clothes and I save a ton of money. I don't have to inconvenience friends and family with smoke breaks, and the most important I don't depend on anything anymore - it's all me.

A tough day? So what! I don't run for my crutch cigarette, I just deal with it. I'm no longer a slave to tobacco. And I'm proud I was strong enough to do it and you can too.

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