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Victoria breaks her relationship with the smokes

Victoria made the tough decision to quit her relationship - with smoking. And it's not been easy, but she's got some good motivation.

I am 12 days into breaking the addiction that has possessed me for 24 years! I am doing this for my son. He is nearly 4 years old and I am a single mother.

If I were not here he would have nobody. This is his Christmas present from me.

A mother who is not killing herself. A little bit better than a bike, huh? We have been with my family overseas during Christmas so the first week was pretty easy - I have been hiding the fact that I started smoking again after a 9 month 'pregnancy break' and it is bearable not smoking around mum and dad because I have practised it before. 

Today is the first day back home and I look at the balcony where I would sit and smoke about 20 cigarettes a day, and boy do I crave one! 

But then I look at my son and his long eyelashes, scuffed knees and lust for life and think about how his world would be torn into a million little pieces if I were given the death sentence that I have 50/50 chance of receiving. My tip to win this battle against the nicotine monster... Think about how your babies would take it if you sat them down to tell them you were going to die. Think about that the next time you have a cigarette. Tastes pretty bad doesn't it?


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