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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Quitline Podcasts

These podcasts are stories from Community Members who have gone through the process of quitting and come out the other side to tell their story - to inspire and empower our Mob to do the same.

Episode 1 Uncle Brian A. Smith - Our first quit story, from an Elder

Episode 2 Alicia. How Alicia made choices to improve her health and that of her baby's

Episode 2 features Alicia. Thanks to Alicia for sharing with us her quit journey. Alicia is an Aboriginal Woman from regional Victoria who recently found out she is pregnant. She was still smoking when she found out. In the podcast she explains how, with support, she designed her own process to cut down and quit. It's inspiring to hear the story of a proud Aboriginal Woman who made choices for the health of her new baby, and for herself as a mum-to-be. Alicia is a strong woman and we thank her for sharing her story.

Episode 3 Gale & Scorch. A couple in a relationship who've recently quit, together!

In episode 3, we feature Gale & Scorch, a couple in a relationship who've recently quit, together! Gale is Palawa Woman, and Scorch is a non-indigenous man. Both decided to quit 'cold-turkey' shortly after they got together. In the podcast they talk about how they supported each other, how the phone app 'My Quit Buddy' helped them and the benefits they've come to know since both of them quit.

Episode 4 Michael. A strong man's story - quitting through a health scare

Trigger-Warning - Health Emergency and Family Violence Subject Matter In This Story. In this episode of Aboriginal Quitline's Quit Stories we introduce Michael, a strong Aboriginal Man from regional Victoria who’s been through a lot over the years. Yet even through everything he’s dealt with - health challenges, times in the emergency room, hospital stays and family violence - Michael’s still managed to quit smoking, and stay quit.

Episode 5 Tanisha. A story from a courageous young woman

In episode 5 of Quit Stories, we introduce Tanisha – A 20-year-old Aboriginal Woman from regional Victoria. Tanisha is a Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) Support Worker from Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Co-Operative, and she has been courageous to step into the spotlight to tell her quitting story.

Episode 6 Uncle Stewart Taylor. What made him quit, how he did it and what he's gained

Episode 6 is a collaboration with Dandenong & District Aborigines Cooperative Tackling Indigenous Smoking Team. In this episode we talk to Uncle Stewart Taylor. It was such a great way to start the new season of Quit Stories with a yarn with Uncle Stewart. He told us about what made him want to quit, how he did it, and most of all, what he’s gained since quitting.

Episode 7 Natasha. A strong lady who pushes through to reach her health goals

In episode 7 of Quit Stories, we yarn with Natasha. This is a strong lady right here! Not only because she pushed through and succeeded in quitting smoking and reaching other health related goals. She was also strong to share with us the hard times and where she was at before she chose to make these changes.

Episode 8 Launa. The importance of knowing your triggers and habits

In episode 8 of Quit Stories, we yarn with Launa. Her story gets down to business and she told us heaps of info about how she quit. There’s some helpful and important stuff that other mob who are getting ready to quit might really benefit from hearing. Launa talks about how important it was for her to learn her habits and triggers to smoking while she was planning to quit and even sometimes when she’d quit for a while and went back to the smokes a couple of times… before she quit for good.

Episode 9 Uncle Douglas Smith's vision for our Communities to get support and quit

In episode 9 of Quit Stories, we yarn with Uncle Douglas Smith, an Elder from Dandenong who tells us his story about how he had a heart attack as a younger man and was told by a doctor that he needed to give up smoking as soon as possible for health reasons. That was 20 years ago now and Uncle Douglas explains how it is his vision for our Communities to get support and quit so they can avoid the hard experiences that he had to go through.

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