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Why quit?

We all have different reasons for quitting smoking or vaping. Click one of the buttons below to help build your motivation.

Audrey 4 1

Audrey's story

Audrey started smoking at university, where sharing cigarettes and research papers were common. But after experiencing health issues, Audrey...

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Henrys story 2

Henry's story

As Henry discovered a passion for competitive rowing, he realised the negative impact smoking had on his lung capacity. Racing on the river served...

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Rick thumbnail 2

Rick's story

Rick won’t deny the challenges he faced while quitting smoking, but once he quit, he felt that anything in life was possible.

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Lily thumbnail

Lily's story

By quitting vaping, Lily has experienced a newfound sense of physical and mental freedom, empowering her to embrace a healthier, happier life.

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Stories Rob thumbnail and header

Rob's story

Rob spent 10 years trying to quit for good. How did he do it? With oranges and his might.

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Hazel story 960

Aunty Hazel's story

My name is Aunty Hazel and I’m from Dimboola Victoria. My mob is Wotjobaluk and I am an elder. I had never intended to give up smoking but on the...

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