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Jerlz's dreams are now a reality

Jerlz was too scared to travel. But reading all the stories from all of you has pushed her to see Europe!

I started smoking when I was 16.

Cigarettes were very accessible as a majority of my family were heavy smokers. They were such heavy smokers that they wouldn't notice if I’d sneak a couple.

7 years on and I've just had a little girl. I don't want her to grow up around smoking as I did. When my family found out that I started smoking, they were like "I started when I was 13, you go have a smoke". Now that I’m older, I realise what a stupid choice to start smoking was! I now choose not to smoke because my daughter deserves that extra 10 minutes (that I used to go out for a smoke) of attention, of affection. She deserves to get a cuddle when she feels like one (if I’d just finished a smoke I couldn’t).

I so desperately want to travel but have been so scared of how I’d be without having a smoke. It’s now been 2 days of quitting! I’m feeling confident as. The stories help me through my cravings. I’m putting the extra money towards savings and I plan to travel at the end of the year. Somewhere around Europe, I reckon. That was a dream that seemed impossible a week ago. Thanks to nicotine replacement therapy and everyone’s inspirational stories it's going to become a reality!!

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