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Jenny's long road home

Jenny understand the struggles of quitting, having smoked for 35 years. But she's pushing herself. Get some tips on how you can push yourself too.

Smoked 20 or more cigarettes a day. Hated the cost, smell and always having to try and find a place to smoke. I was like a drug addict - once I admitted I was an addict same as any other drug user or alcoholic I took my quit attempt seriously and was determined to stop this new year.

I hated always having to keep my cigarettes and lighter with me, planning where and when I would be able to smoke, making sure I had a packet for that all important morning cigarette and coffee, going to dodgy servos late at night to buy them.

I just wanted to be free from this addiction. I always felt bad about myself because I was a smoker, didn't matter how expensive my clothes and perfume were or how nice I did my hair and makeup, I always felt bad because I was a smoker.

First couple of days were terrible, headaches and depression. From previous quit attempts I knew this was how I reacted so I planned to be by myself, had plenty of healthy snacks and water and once I got a few days behind me it got better.

I put on a lot of weight as my appetite increased in previous quitting attempts. Make sure you have good snacks, like celery and carrot sticks, etc, slowing sipping water through a straw was good as well. Low cal cranberry juice and grapes replaces high calorie snacks.

Also eat well and often, replace that morning coffee and cigarette with a healthy breakfast. If you get a bit of depression as your body adjusts, just watch TV or sleep it off and it will pass, keep positive and have your distractions ready. It is just your brain having a tantrum because you are not giving it what it wants.

I can see this will be a struggle and I will have to remain mindful and vigilant to the cravings, but I am already feeling better and once my brain gives up and realises no nicotine will be forthcoming I will be free - every time I don't have cigarette and conquer a craving I am retraining my brain. Take your quit attempt seriously and take time out from work, family etc if needed - this is a serious addiction with serious health effects, do what you need to do to make your quit attempt successful!

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