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Sophie's sudden success

For Sophie, it was all about the little changes. Swapping coffees for tea, smoke breaks for exercise breaks.

I smoked for 20 years, loved every single cigarette but when my health started to wane I realised it was time to give up.

I'd only ever tried once or twice to give up using willpower but only lasted about a week. I decided it was time and got a prescription for stop smoking tablets. Started taking them while still smoking and after 3 days something incredible happened, I just lost the taste for cigarettes. Suddenly the joy of lighting up just tasted awful. I would light cigarettes and be repulsed by them and stub them out.

The first 3 months were not easy but bearable. I changed all of my smoking habits, swapped my morning coffee and cigarette for a tea and run. It's been 2 and a half years since I quit and I feel much better. Sure there were a few side effects - a bit of nausea, weight gain but I broke the cycle of smoking and have no desire to go back.

My skin, hair and complexion looks better. I've saved nearly $30,000 dollars on cigarettes and just wish I had done it earlier. If you have no willpower, speak with your doctor, really there is no other way I could have given up. Best thing I ever did to over come the worst thing I ever did.

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