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24 Oct, 2016

For the kids

I am a 41 year old guy and have been smoking since I was 14. I have wanted to give up for a...

24 Oct, 2016

Because it's worth it!

This is my 3rd and final attempt at quitting, today is 11 days smokefree. I was a...

24 Oct, 2016

Replapsed but still succeeded

I had been thinking about quititng for the last 4 to 5 years, but never gave it a good go until...

13 Oct, 2016

Giving up

I started smoking as a 10 year old many moons ago. I always intended to give up, it but was...

13 Oct, 2016

I can do anything!!

I smoked 30 a day for 32 years and have attempted several times to quit of which all attempts...

13 Oct, 2016

So Hard...

I have been smoking for 20 years and am on day three smokefree. I am laid up in bed with...

4 Oct, 2016


I gave up smoking 6 years ago. I hated having to drop whatever I was doing and go buy fags. If...

3 Oct, 2016

My quitting journey

I had a light bulb moment on the 12/09/2016 and quit cold turkey. It's now day 18 without a...

3 Oct, 2016

Buying clothes instead of cigarettes

I stopped smoking using Zyban (one course only) last December. I have put on about 15 kg in 9...

21 Sep, 2016

One day at a time!

It's my second day smokefree today! I affirm everyday that I won't smoke today. I need to quit...

19 Sep, 2016

Finally free

I'm in my 11th month as a non-smoker. I was diagnosed with mild emphysema 4 months after I quit....

19 Sep, 2016

Losing a loved one

I have just lost a lovely daughter to lung cancer. She tried numerous times to quit but was...

12 Sep, 2016

Look in the mirror

When I first started smoking, I truely enjoyed it. It was also socially accepted in the 70's and...

5 Sep, 2016

Gum works

I started with the nicotine gum on 29th August. It's now 2nd September! So far so good. I'm...

31 Aug, 2016

30 years of smoking and I'd just had enough

I'm 47 and have tried to quit a few times, though I realise now now that I just didn't want to...

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