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Smoking causes 16 types of cancer

Reduce your risk and quit smoking today.


Preparing to quit

Increase your chance of quitting for good!

Explore the most effective ways to quit.


Staying quit

Increase your chance of quitting for good!

How to manage cravings, stress, withdrawal and risky situations and get on the path to being a nonsmoker.


Managing setbacks

Get back on track

Learn from a slip-up or relapse.

Reasons to quit

Why quit smoking? What are the benefits? Explore your reasons to quit to give you the best chance of being quit for good.

What are your reasons to quit?

Preparing to quit

What’s the most effective way to quit? Choose the best way, set a quit date and get a better understanding of your smoking.

What you need to get ready

Staying quit

Struggling? Quitting is a challenge. Minimise withdrawals and manage cravings to say quit.

Tools and tips to stay quit

Managing setbacks

Had a puff or returned to smoking? What now? Learn from a slip-up or a relapse and get back on track.

Assistance for trying again

Real Life Inspiration
Success Stories

3 weeks, 3 times happier

Day 21, cold turkey today! Feel wonderful.

Will be honest - first three days were awful, dreadful really. Each day has been a little better and now I physically don't miss them at all....

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