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Make your house and car smokefree

People who smoke tell us that it feels good to take control. Let the cigs know that they're on the way out. An easy first step is to make your house and your car smokefree.

Making your house and car smokefree will help you to quit when you stop smoking. It will also help you to prepare to quit in the lead-up to your quit day. 

Freshen up your surrounds and remove any temptation to light up.

A lighter in a drawer, an ashtray on the coffee table or the smell of old smoke in your car can be enough to trigger a craving – especially if you haven’t smoked for a few days.

How to make your house and car smokefree:

  1. Remove ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes from your car, home and workplace.

  2. Get rid of that cigarette smell (and the chemicals in cigarette smoke that sit on clothes and furniture). Vacuum your car and house and wash all of your clothes. 

  3. If you live with a person who smokes, chat to them about keeping the house smokefree, or at least keeping their smoking to one place. 

  4. Politely ask your friends not to offer you cigarettes. 

  5. In the days before you quit, remove some of the pleasures that are often attached to smoking such as sitting, relaxing, eating or drinking e.g. move your smoking to an uncomfortable place outside near the bins. 

If you need more tips, give the expert team at the Quitline a call. Or request a Quitline callback

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