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QuitFlicks Films: empowering LGBTIQA+ communities to quit smoking

Quit Victoria, Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Thorne Harbour Health proudly present QuitFlicks, a series of short films celebrating filmmaking talent and smokefree messaging in LGBTIQ+ communities.


Viewers of films with LGBTIQ+ themes are exposed to depictions of smoking once every 15 minutes. With smoking rates in LGBTIQ+ communities more than double the national average, Quit, Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Thorne Harbour Health partnered to create a platform through which scripts could be turned on their head and used to empower LGBTIQ+ communities to live smokefree. 

QuitFlicks are short films made by and for LGBTIQ+ communities. They tackle misconceptions and explore smokefree living.

"The stat that smoking rates are more than double for LGBTIQ+ people is hard to hear because I want us to thrive. We've all got our coping mechanisms to deal with stress, but the unhealthy ones are so hard to change. If someone is in the frame of mind to quit smoking, I want to make an empathetic and playful film that shows them they're not alone. Maybe it'll land, maybe it won't, but hopefully it adds to their sense of support and encouragement from their rainbow community." - Millie Hayes, QuitFlicks filmmaker


Rolled by Rosie Pavlovic - Winner of the 2020 QuitFlicks Short Film Competition

"QuitFlicks is such a fun initiative to address a pretty universal issue in the LGBTIQ+ community. I think our queer community has a wicked sense of humour and I'm excited to create a film which tackles a serious issue in a camp way." - Rosie Pavlovic, QuitFlicks 2020 Winner

Stressless Sam by Hugh Murray - Runner-up of the 2020 QuitFlicks Short Film Competition
One Breath at a Time by Teddy Darling
Quit Together by Millie Hayes
The Third Wheel by Millies Hayes
Fume by Sam McGowan
Vibe-raters by Brigitte Haviland and Amber Kinnear
Worm Lurve by Sebastian Berto


In January 2019, we worked with LGBTIQA+ communities to continue to make Quitline an inclusive and a culturally safe space. Quitline counsellors can chat to LGBTIQA+ communities in a culturally appropriate and accessible way.

LGBTIQA+ peers also work in the service.

Since this recent collaboration, calls to the Quitline from LGBTIQA+ communities have increased.

Quitline counsellors offer personalised support over your quitting journey. They can help plan, make and sustain your quit attempt. Quitline can help you stop smoking or vaping, and can also support you if you are using e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

Calling Quitline — 13 7848 or request a callback — increases the chance of quitting.

Quitline and LGBTIQA+ communities


To learn more about smoking in LGBTIQA+ communities, visit Helping people in LGBTIQA+ communities to quit.


QuitFlicks was an Australian short film competition run by Quit in partnership with the Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Thorne Harbour Health. The competition was designed to highlight the disproportionately high smoking rates within the LGBTIQA+ community and engage community members in improving the wellbeing of the community by promoting the smokefree message.


Melbourne Queer Film Festival is Australia’s oldest and largest LGBTIQ film festival and celebration of the moving image. For more information, visit: 


Thorne Harbour Health is a community controlled organisation, governed by our members, and working for our sex, sexuality and gender diverse communities.

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