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Your 'quit for good' checklist

You've been quit for a while, and you've likely started to enjoy the benefits. Congratulations!

How to embrace being smoke and vape free, and stay quit for good:

  • You know what your triggers are and how to avoid them.

  • You aren’t phased when you are out with mates who still smoke or vape.

  • You know that having a smoke or vape doesn’t have to lead back into full-time smoking or vaping. You have a strategy to get you back on track.

  • You’ve found new ways to manage stress.

  • You can comfortably say to people, "no thanks, I don't smoke/vape".

  • You’ve accepted you might still get cravings out of the blue. You know how to beat them.

  • You have an emergency plan – to call a friend or walk around the block – just in case. 

  • You know Quitline is also there, just in case. Request a Quitline callback

  • You know what your warning signs are and will get help if they start to build up.

  • You appreciate your body recovering and all the benefits that come with it. 

  • You will reward yourself for what you have achieved. Use the money you’ve saved to spoil yourself with a holiday or some new clothes. Use the time you've won back to do more of the things you love, and spend more time with the people you love.

  • You’re officially free from smoking and/or vaping now!

Last updated February 2024

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