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Why Quit

What could you gain from quitting?

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9 things you'll gain from quitting

Maybe it's saving money, or being able to get back into sports. But there's many more reasons to quit. Read some of the top benefits you'll get when you kick the habit.
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Nicotine addiction explained

There's a lot more to smoking than the action. In fact, nicotine is an addictive substance that causes the urge to smoke. But what's going behind the scenes?
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What is the Quitline?

So what exactly does the Quitline do? How can we help you stay quit?
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Effects of Nicotine

Why we smoke

Have you ever wondered about the science of smoking? What makes us want to pick up the cigarette in the first place?
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How much does smoking set you back?

It's no secret that smoking is expensive, but besides money what else are you giving up?
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How you can improve your family's health

What kind of impact is smoking having on your family?
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Is smoking controlling you?

Do you feel like you're trapped in a cycle of smoking? Work out how to run your own life and beat those triggers.
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Mythbusting: “I’ll gain weight, which is just as unhealthy as smoking”

So you heard on the grapevine that you’ll pile on the kilos after quitting. You’ve seen your best friend, boyfriend, aunt, or step-sister put on a tonne of weight since kicking the habit.
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Seven things that happen when you quit smoking

We know quitting smoking can be tough – which is why you should be proud of yourself for giving it a go!
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I'm nervous about quitting

Beat the nerves, we can show you all the reasons that you can break the habit.
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But I'm just a social smoker

Have you heard yourself saying "But I only smoke with mates...or when I have a drink"? Then this article is for you.
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I'm pregnant

When you're pregnant, you may feel like there's a lot of pressure around you to quit. It's scary, but the benefits can really outweigh the fears.
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How to reverse the health effects of smoking

Your body starts repairing yourself from the moment you quit, find out how.
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What will my friends think if I quit?

We all worry about what our friends think, maybe smoking is a social activity with your friends. But it doesn't have to be the only activity. Find out some advice on how to stay away from the smokes.
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Understanding emotional triggers

Do you smoke when you’re stressed, excited or bored? What's going on behind the veil?
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Smoking and fertility

Starting a family can be stressful, and smoking can often contribute to that stress. By quitting, you can remove some of that stress and focus on building a family.
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How to build motivation

If you’re thinking about quitting, one of the best ways to move your motivation along is to compare the good and bad things about smoking.
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Mythbusting: Quitting smoking is expensive if you’re using nicotine replacement products

We know that smoking is expensive, but what about quitting?
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How smoking makes stress worse

When you're stressed, picking up a cigarette may seem like a good stress relief strategy. But in reality, cigarettes can exacerbate your stress.
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Gearing up and getting quit!

There's never a perfect time to quit, but motivating yourself and getting ready to quit can make it feel like the right time.
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I’m worried about gaining weight

Weight gain can happen, but it can also be prevented and managed.
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7 things you didn’t know about quitting

Quitting smoking isn’t a walk in the park for everyone. It helps to be prepared for what’s to come.
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Nicotine replacement therapy: nicotine inhalator

There's a lot of NRT products to choose from. Understanding how each of them work can help you work with your GP to make an informed and tailored choice.
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Talking to your doctor about quitting

Did you know that GPs are a great first point of contact to work out your quit plan?
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What if my friends or family don’t want me to quit

If you're worried about your friends and family not wanting you to quit, you're not alone. A lot of smokers may want to quit but find themselves worked up when they see you not smoking. But there are ways to deal with this and encourage people to be supportive of your decision.
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