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Australians want government action to stop escalating e-cigarette crisis

New data reveals nine in ten Australians want government action to stop Australia’s escalating e-cigarette crisis

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Posted 13 Feb, 2023

Celebrating 10 years of plain packaging

1 December 2022 marks the 10th anniversary since world-first plain packaging was introduced in Australia on 1 December 2012.

Posted 2 Dec, 2022

Commitment to strengthen tobacco plain packaging measures

Quit and Cancer Council Victoria back the Australian Government’s commitment to strengthen tobacco plain packaging measures on the 10th anniversary of world-leading legislation.

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Posted 1 Dec, 2022

Alarming rise in e-cigarette usage and purchasing behaviours in Victoria

New data (PDF) [1] released today shows almost double the number of Victorian adults report vaping in 2022 (estimated 308,827 users) compared to 2018-19 (estimated 154,895 users). Almost one quarter of all Victorian adults currently using e-cigarettes have never smoked.

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Posted 20 Oct, 2022

People who smoke remain in the dark about tobacco product manipulation

Many people who smoke are unaware of the various ways in which their tobacco products are modified to make the harsh smoke easier to inhale, according to new research released today by Quit Victoria.

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Posted 3 Oct, 2022

Quitting smoking likely to help local businesses and reduce alcohol use

A study just published in the journal, BMC Public Health, suggests quitting smoking benefits households and local economies, as well as the health of the person quitting.

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Posted 12 Sep, 2022

Australians overwhelmingly support action to protect young people from e-cigarettes

A new report from Cancer Council Victoria’s Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer (CBRC) shows the vast majority of Australians (83%) overwhelmingly support action to regulate and enforce e-cigarettes to prevent a new generation from becoming addicted to nicotine.

Posted 15 Aug, 2022

Proposal to finally end last indoor smoking exemption welcomed

Cancer Council Victoria and Quit Victoria welcomed the Victorian Government for introducing a Bill that that will ensure an exemption for smoking indoors is removed from “High Roller” gaming rooms at Crown Casino.

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Posted 15 Aug, 2022

Urgent action required to address the e-cigarette epidemic in Victoria

Quit Victoria, VicHealth and Cancer Council Victoria are calling for urgent action to protect current and future generations from becoming dependent on harmful e-cigarettes and start smoking.

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Posted 26 Jun, 2022

Quit Smoking to protect our environment

This World No Tobacco Day 2022 (WNTD) Quit is encouraging people who care about the environment to quit smoking or vaping. The 2022 WNTD theme is “Tobacco: Threat to our environment,” and the World Heath Organisations (WHO) has set the theme to raise international awareness of the environmental impact of tobacco – from cultivation, production, distribution, and waste.

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Posted 24 May, 2022

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