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School resources

Tools and resources to help you reduce tobacco-related harm in the schools you work with.

Smokefree policies for schools and learning environments

What legislation says about smoking and vaping on and around school grounds, childcare centres and other learning environments.

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Educational activities and resources for schools

Activities for schools to use to engage with students and parents/carers to educate them on smoking and preventing tobacco-related harm.

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Guidance on effective drug education for schools

The Department of Education and Training outlines the importance of drug education in schools, what it looks like, and how it can be incorporated into the curriculum. This content is taken from Victorian sources. To ensure accuracy we recommend consulting with localised advice.

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Effects of second- and third-hand smoking on children

Information and resources on the health risks second- and third-hand smoke exposure poses to children.

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Talking to children and young people about smoking and vaping

Helpful strategies and tips on having conversations with young people about smoking and vaping.

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