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Craig: calling myself a non-smoker!

Craig may miss the cigarettes now and then, but it doesn't overshadow the power of saying no and how much stronger he feels.

I had been smoking for over 25 years and one month ago, something clicked

I smelt my fingers after yet another cigarette on a Sunday afternoon and decided there and then, that was it for me.

From 20 to 25 cigarettes a day to a  nicotine patch and the nicotine mouth spray or the lozenges when required, here I am a month later and I haven't had a cigarette. I miss them and I still feel like one every now and then, but I am stronger for having said NO to myself and everyday gets easier.

I swear, I thought I would never give up. I have tried countless times, especially in the last 7 years as my kids have grown up, and I have to say for all the heartfelt requests and guilt trips regarding cigarettes and the smells etc, nothing could have convinced me to do it.

It's hard to explain or justify but this time I'm giving up for me. Sure my family and their needs are in part responsible, but to truly commit to giving up, you have to do it for yourself. You are the one that has to stop, nobody else can help with this. Believe me, it's possible and I know I still have a long way to go but I am feeling really confident. I can do this and if I can, you can too! Make up your mind and really go for it, you'll breath better and you'll know for the first time since you took up these things that you have made a good choice for yourself. Every decision to pick up another cigarette is really NOT helping. Good luck!

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